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But even the regression will be suspect if enough data points are wrong. And the value of this site used to be the built-in regression and prediction tools. Now it’s just a database and you’re on your own to make sense of it.

True, but you can still look at the scatter graph and discard those that deviate too much. Lots of errors in the original site too, commonly individual entered as trust or vice versa. People are especially confused now with one time trusts…..calling them individual trusts and entering them wrongly. You can even see it in the threads where people are posting in the wrong threads as individual trusts……The value of this site greatly diminished when it became a social posting site vice a data gathering site. Many people simply posted “one of” in the threads and ignored the data base.

But there is still some value in the Scatter Graph. Garbage in, garbage out, true….but I can also spot a turd in a pile of rocks and know not to pick it up.

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