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Capital Armory article is closer to the truth, IMO:


We are thrilled with any improvement or increased efficiency at the ATF, and we are happy to implement bar codes on our forms to help in any way we can. However, what has been communicated through recent press releases is the bar code system will result in faster approval of forms, which is just wishful thinking at this point. Eliminating 60 seconds of time per form for data entry personnel does not correlate to faster approval time frames for the legal examiners who actually approve the forms. Any speculation of reduced wait times due to implementing the bar code system is purely a guess at this point, and no person, dealer, distributor, or manufacturer knows how the ATF will allocate their resources if they require less data entry staff due to the bar codes. Faster approval times on forms would be great for everyone in the industry and we definitely hope wait times will decrease, but as of now, we have no evidence this will occur simply due to implementing a bar code system.

Q: Does the new ATF bar code system advance or speed up my wait time?
A: Forms with bar codes will not be given priority over those forms without bar codes. Bar codes only speed up the initial data entry process; they do not aide the legal examiner. The bar codes remove some of the data entry required when the Form 4 first reaches the ATF, but they do not affect the time spent by the legal examiners who review and approve your Form 4.

Q: Should I wait until the new bar code system is implemented to submit my Form 4?
A: Forms with bar codes do not get a “jump” in line – they simply eliminate some data entry by the ATF. All forms are entered into the ATF’s database in the order in which they are received and there is not preferential treatment for those forms with a bar code. Capitol Armory’s form generating system will include bar codes starting September 1, 2017.

Q: Will wait times significantly drop because of the new bar code system?
A: Probably not. This new system only affects the data entry team and they do not approve forms. In the long term, this will reduce ATF costs and some inefficiencies, but it will not affect your wait time for a legal examiner to approve your Form 4.

Q: Is the bar code system proprietary and can my dealer implement it?
A: The bar code system is not proprietary to any one dealer or manufacturer. Any dealer can implement or use the ATF bar code system as long as they have the technical capabilities to do so.

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