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Concur. I have been dealing with the ATF-NFA for many years now and they have always seemed to be very methodical and structured when it came to processing forms. It would be very surprising if they did something like that. As for the 3000 forms, you got to remember that the INPUT is the only thing it saves time for, so those forms were input, but still are in line for background checks which doesn’t give them front of the line privileges for that. In other words the only people they may have gotten in front were the folks who did have bar codes who submitted at the same time as folks who didn’t starting in July of this year. I think that is what he means by 2 different queues in the future too. Those who use bar codes and those who don’t and that will determine when you get placed in line for background checks (if required) with the barcode folks getting “in processed” quicker.

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