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One thing I found particularly interesting was a theory on why some post-41F applications seem to be coming in ahead of the curve.

If only true……..I have my doubts on the speculation on why the scattered approvals. If true, we would not be seeing a consistent trend on the scatter graph like we do (put in form 4 individual to really see the trend) If the approvals post 41f are happening at the rate he predicts, we should be seeing a week’s worth of approvals covering 2 months of submissions. That certainly has not been the case. Given when this audio was recorded (2 weeks ago) and the assumption that they would be completely caught up in 1.5 to 2 months, we should be seeing some 2017 submission approvals already.

But, I, like others WANT to believe as I have a Jan 2017 submission I would love to have approved before 1 Oct this year. But I am not holding my breath.

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