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Thats shitty did you have to send more forms after the fact?
My LGS posted a 10/18 approval just now

No they just told me late August oh sorry BTW we never sent in your form so go get passport photos prints and fill out RPQs. Wasn’t exactly thrilled but I purchased it on the Sig APP program and they are the only APP dealer in my area with an SOT.

Yikes, dude. You plainly got FUCKED. Sadly I’ve been hearing a lot of storys like this a yr later. Buyers that though they got in before the deadline. And a year later, you find out not. What a headache.

Yeah at least they just didn’t send in old forms and wait for me to get rejected. Like I said it was the Sig APP program so I got the can at a big discount. If I were to have ordered some other way I would have would up paying shipping and then someone to do a Class III transfer which are $100 in this neck of the woods.I would have been better off ordering through SS at that point.

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