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Bought two suppressors on 15 Aug 16, an AAC M4-2000 and a AAC Ti-rant 45.
Sent the forms 4 on 17 Aug 16 using identical trust paperwork, photos, and print cards. Even paid for both with same check. The NFA Branch was really quick getting the check cashed on 23 Aug 16.
Called them up on 7 Aug 16 and found out that ONE of them was approved as of 2 Aug 16.
The mailman dropped off the stamp yesterday but of course I was at work and am going to pick it up today.
Can anybody give me any kind of logical reason why they would separate the two forms? You would think that keeping them together would make their job easier when the only differences between the two forms are the blocks that identify the items.
And yes before anyone asks, I did update the tracker already.

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