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First off, the line to call and request info on your submission is just that. Now, at the current wait times. Your not going to get any real answers till your well past the 350 day wait. And as for calling, your getting the same 4 ppl that are there doing exactly what there supposed to be doing. Answering the phone, and giving YOU the caller the caller what info is available at the time. So unless your transferred to a examiner,or a agent. Your not wasting anyones time. And here is why making such call at or about the end of the current wait helps. If you read threw some of the threads on here, and other places. You will find where there have been problems where stamps where either lost, or misplaced. US mail, or dealers can have hiccups in the system. Or how about the shadey dealer that didn’t call the new owner. And was found to be using his can as a demo can? For almost 2 month’s. So NO, calling is not going to make your stamp and paper work get done any faster, but if something is wrong. It may save you some time by knowing. And im here to tell you this, they aint going to call YOU if there is. Be your own advocate, thats the bottom line.

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