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I just realized that the Form 3 section hasn’t had any traffic in 2 months, so here it is.

I understand that Form 3 times have dramatically improved as of last week, but please bear with me:

I ordered my first suppressor through Silencer Shop (SS) back in mid October of 2016, the form 3 cleared in the middle of November and they shipped it to my local FFL the day it was approved with a tracking number sent to me (the can is still in NFA jail). I ordered my second can back in mid May of 2017, the form 3 was approved in late June and they still have not shipped it to my FFL. I emailed them this past Friday and they said they’re probably shipping it this week. I bought another can (yes, I have a problem) yesterday 8/6/17 and I got the final form 4 email this morning saying that Roy signed my Form 4 and they submitted it to the ATF as it says on my user dashboard on the SS online sight, but the form 3 is “ready for submission”. I guess I stemmed this in to more than a simple question, but as a rant. Sorry. But don’t they have to wait until the form 3 clears to submit my form 4 to the ATF? Additionally, has anyone else experienced a shipping delay from SS after the Form 3 cleared?

I swear if they send out my third can before my second, I’m going to raise hell they were both in stock the days I ordered them and they basically have the same serial numbers.

Sorry for the rant!

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