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It is. But I don’t give a crap. Never heard of this Company till it was posted on here. I never planed on giving them my business and I defiantly won’t now. Hahaha.

I looked at their products and I will not be using them either….What are they making the cans out of …depleted uranium? At 26 ozs for a 30 cal HUNTING can you would need a gun bearer to cart the damn things around. The Gemtech Tracker is less than 12 ozs and 2 inches shorter and isn’t significantly louder for a hunting can.

But even more than that is the irresponsibility of posting what they did and how they did…either click bait or they are gullible and foolish.

I really do not think they had any bad intentions in posting what they did, they just misread what was told to them and got overly excited. We are all frustrated with the long wait times and have a tendency to latch on to anything that signals that it will shorten. Just be patient and the approvals will come.

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