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I just want to know why is it taking so long to cash that check… Usually they in a hurry to take my money. Oh well I guess it will be another year to get my two stamps back smh. This is ridiculous to wait for something I purchased and can’t pick them up and especially when I already own some. It should be once you are in the system with no problems then we should walk out the gun store that same day with our item!

These kind of comments on this board always make me laugh. The reason this doesn’t work is because the atf files are completely non searchable. It’s literally scanned documents that can not be character searched that are grouped by dealer and date and have to be manually searched if anything needs to be pulled. This is the result of most gun activists fear that if the big bad government has a useable database of gun ownership the man will come take away all their guns. Then the minute this turns out to be in some way inconvenient they are like, here, take all of my information and make it easily accessible so I can buy NFA items faster!

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