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I am not really sure what to believe at this point. I was told by the end of July i would have approval for my late Sept Check Cashed Date. However when I called 2 weeks ago they said another month. but then at the end of that month wait it will probably be another month and another till its eventually approved lol. I have come to the conclusion ( once again.) to never trust the government hahaha anyone telling you when to expect your approval is spitballing as much as anyone. you wont get it til its in your hand and can only base an aprox time frame by what we see on here. all that you can do is hope but as they say you can hope in one hand and S*** in the other and see which one fills up faster hahaha. My problem is im drinking the Koolaid like everyone else and holding on to hope as everyone else this is the hardest wait i have ever done. been calling once a week and wondering if i should call today or wait it out

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