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Long time listener, first time caller.
Got several cans on order this week, figured I might as well go big.

The guy at the shop shared some numbers but I am taking them with a huge grain of salt.

He said:
-The ATF currently processes 7.5k-10k applications a week.
-For the first half of 2016, they received 250k applications
-For the second half of 2016, they received 30k-50k applications. Same for the first half of 2017.

I find it hard to believe only 60k-100k applications have been submitted in the past year, seems really low.

Regardless, I am prepared for a long wait.

I can believe it. My dealer said they went from selling 4-5 per salesman, per day to 4-5 for the entire month after 41F. It should speed up tremendously!


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