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Um…Not sure how accurate his numbers are, but I wouldn’t be surprised. People went into a panic the first part of 2016. Anyone who was even THINKING about buying an NFA item hurried up and bought theirs prior to 41f. So normal purchasing for the entire year of 2016 got condensed into the beginning of 2016. Naturally the buying dropped off after. Also in 2016, once Trump was elected everyone held off on buying suppressors assuming the HPA would pass quickly. Another telling point is how bad the gun industry (suppressor manufacturers especially) is hurting. People aren’t worried about gun rights taking a hit so they aren’t out buying every gun and accessory they find (well, your average consumer. People like us will still buy everything we can, lol).

I hope he is right, because I just submitted 2 form 4s in May 2017.

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