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Purchased on 8/23/16
Form 4 mailed 8/23/16
ATF says form 4 received on 8/25/16 (called on 7/21/17 and was given this info)
Check cashed 9/16/16
Received error notice on 7/18/17 apparently my dealer used the pre 41f form ? That’s what he says. Forms filled out and mailed on 7/19/17
Called atf on 7/21/17 to inquire about any delays from this and was told shouldn’t hurt me as they were still processing July 2016 forms. I guess they do some pre screening? My first NFA purchase so I’m not sure how it all works. A copy of my form 4 was in the error package and already had my photo scanned to it so maybe that’s something.

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