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or like any gov job you have 4 ppl standing around 1 person working their a** off, the trust ppl and like shhwoooo I think ill take a 40 hour break lol honestly I think all of the work except signing the form is prolly contracted out to random firms that took it on as contract work. one company in who knows where cashes the check puts in in a pile, sents that pile to another company just to enter it into some kind of system ( prolly the same system use to shuffle cards at a black jack table in vegas) then they send the forms to the atf who then prolly shuffle the deck more just because the house always wins. one the atf pulls your form they prolly send it out to another company that will back ground check you which makes no sense because your ffl does the same thing. then once that comes back good they send it back to the aft where it will be sent back to the first person cashing the check just to make sure uncle sam gets his 2 hundo im fairly surprised its not about tree fiddy at this point. then finally the aft gets it back and signs it and mails it to the post office just to do 3 circles around the persons house who bought the nfa item before it gets sent to the ffl/sot dealer. to me this process is the only way this is taking this long.

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