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Last weekend I got bored so I downloaded the database and did some filtering in Excel to see if there were any trends not caught by the graphs already displayed. For the analysis I only looked at 2016 F4 Trusts non-efiles.

My results are based on assumptions. For example, I assume that the number of entries provided by community members represents a valid sample of the overall population of F4 submissions. I assume that no submissions were denied. I assumed the information provided by community members is accurate. I assume the entries by community members are timely updated. I assume the number of examiners is a constant over the first 7 months. If there was a way to verify, then they would not be assumptions.

Based on the results, I believe we still have several weeks before the July submissions have been reviewed. However, once complete, the final 5 months will go REALLY quick.

The number of entries from community member between Jan and May is fairly constant but increases monthly – the average is 527. The number of those entries that have been updated to show approval has also been fairly constant at about 53%. Specifically there were 2635 entries and 1389 have been updated to show approval dates. June has 745 entries with 362 approved for 49%. July has 613 entries with 232 updated as approved which is only about 38%. If we assume 53% July entries to be updated, that means there are about 84 entries that have to be updated. From last Sunday to today, 21 entries were updated. That means it will take about 4 weeks to get thru the 84 remaining.

Good news is there are less than 60 entries for each month of Aug-Dec (total is 250 – mine is in Sept) so hopefully in the next 14-16 weeks all of the 2016 submissions will be processed. Hopefully things will move quicker than what I believe. 🙂

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