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Finally, my maddening wait is over. I finally had to keep pushing it from my mind to keep my sanity. It kinda takes the excitement out of the process. Maybe that will change when I shoot a few rounds through it.

Submitted – 6/1/2016
Check cashed – 7/25/2016
Stamp approved – 7/7/2017
Stamp received – 7/14/2017

There were two other guys that came into the shop while I was there. Both of them had older submission dates than me. There is no rhyme or reason as to why the dates are all over the place. I was told that if there was an error on the form it would slow down the process by a week plus the dealers time to respond. Another thing was some forms items would pass and others changes needed to be made, like caliber. Potātoes, potâtoes. It all depended on who is reviewing the form.

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