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Joe Pool
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Final update to my June 19 post

Purchased YHM Stinger .22 from SS 06-28-2016
Purchased IA Interceptor 5.56 from SS 07-06-2016

Both submitted in the “Truck Load” from SS to ATF 07-10-2016

Both “Pending” 07-25-2016 per ATF

Both form 3s Disposed 11-15-2016

YHM approved 06-12-2017
Dealer received Stamp 06-19-2017
YHM Stinger .22 and paperwork in my hands 06-19-2017

IA approved 07-05-2017
Dealer received Stamp 07-13-2017
IA Interceptor 5.56 and paperwork in my hands 07-13-2017

At this point I am in a wait mode before any more NFA items.

Good luck to everyone that is still in line.

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