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Big Wall-Ski
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The dealer said he was going to the bank to get a cashier’s check as soon as I left and that he would mail everything in that afternoon. My best guess is the can he showed me was a floor model and he Form 3’ed the one I have in hand now. That would account for the 90+ days between purchase and check cashed. Just a theory, and since I didn’t know better to get a serial number, it’s all speculation. He also wouldn’t respond to emails or follow up phone calls 8 months out when it seemed like I should be getting close. And it happened at the same shop to someone else who’s active on this site. So a lot of circumstantial evidence pointing towards fuckery. I’m happy the wait is over, the shop was super busy today, and I didn’t see a point in making a scene.

Good times from here on out. Thank you everyone for posting to entertain the rest of us through the wait.

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