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Shifty Bitwise
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Paper Form 4 Trust : SilencerCo Spectre2

Purchased 5/16/2016
Form Arrives at ATF 5/28/2016
Check Cashed 7/19/2016
“Awaiting Approval” 6/8/17 ( Apparently this is when it finally got assigned to an inspector )
Approved 6/13/17
Stamp and can in hand – 6/30/2017

5 Days – Assigned to an inspector to approval
17 Days – Approval to stamp in hand
52 Day – Form arrives at ATF until check is cashed ( and form in system as “pending”)
329 Days – Check cashed to Approval
346 Days – Check cashed to stamp in hand
410 Days – Date of Purchase until I walked out of the store with my stamp and suppressor

30 seconds – Time it took inspector to run NCIC checks on Trust members , lick the stamp and get a cup of coffee

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