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Impressive. mattman actually did something to benefit everybody on the site. Your mirror broken, so you are bored?

There is a reason people think you a DB as anything you don’t agree with you immediately attack people. Classic d-face. You went out on a limb to say that everyone who disagrees with information presented by ATF in your post are unicorn believers and naysayers and that it will be another 3-3.5 months before we get over the hump.

Then you posted something last week (conveniently) to cover your basis by saying that it will be anywhere between a few weeks, to months, to possibly longer. I’m sure this was also based on your “empirical data”.

Now this week you posted saying it will be all over with pre-41’s in a week or so. I think its time for you to eat a crow and stop being a f-ing a-hole that you are. You are a fake news dude. I know it, you know it, everybody knows it!

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