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I JUST got off the phone with Laura. GREAT NEWS. Im approved JUST today.

Sparrow Regulator

Purchased: 29 June (silencer shop) **9 days short of a year!!!!!

Mailed: Who the F knows!

Check cleared: 21 July

Approved: 20 June 2017

ATF Internal tracking #: 2017941##

I want to get more, but with this length of wait…

I Just received my tax stamp today. I placed the order at 1647 (Alaska time) and picked it up at 1250. 4 hours 57 minutes short of 1 year. I has missed the call which has came in at 1059 that morning.

Postage cancellation was dated
June 22 2017

It would appear mine were at the bottom of the truckload…….

368 days and still counting


359 days and still counting

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