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This is total BS. I see numerous others have their stamps in hand with dates same as mine or earlier but mine is still pending. I seriously doubt I will ever do this again. What a freaking nightmare. Patience has a limit. This whole process sucks major azz.

I really think the industry screwed all of us by pushing the whole 41P garbage and caused a huge influx of customers that are now left pissed off waiting. If everyone had cooled off the wait would have been shorter and we would not have been pissed off. An now the industry is crying about how no one will buy right now. Well you caused this! You got your short-term sales but you may have lost future sales.

Purchased from SS 6/25/16 – 367 days
Submitted 7/8/16 – 354 days
Check cashed 7/22/16 – 340 days

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