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Well, I had a less than encouraging chat with my dealer. Told him my concern and what the ATF relayed to me. The dealer got rather defensive stating that he did the same thing with my paperwork that he has done with everyone else’s and never once had an issue. When I told him that the ATF stated that they cash the checks almost immediately and won’t even put my paperwork in the stack to be ENTERED into the system, he told me that most of the people answering the phones are clueless and that he has had people go MONTHS without checks being cashed. At this point I simply asked for tracking of my paperwork so I can let the ATF know that by paperwork was delivered to see if maybe it got lost, but he said that it would be hard to find and assured me that it was sent. After some back and forth he stated he would find my tracking for me. I was very polite and told him that if my serial numbers aren’t in the system and my checks haven’t been cashed in another week or 2 I need to find out where my paperwork is or what needs to be done to remedy this. At this point he just wanted to be done with the conversation and told me he would take care of it.

I hope that he is correct and that i’m just being impatient and paranoid, but from everything I have read on here and what the ATF is telling me if the paperwork was indeed sent at the beginning of May there is no reason why the check shouldn’t be cashed by now. If there was something wrong with the check (or not there) I would assume the ATF would mail the package back.

At this point if the dealer would tell me flat out “oops, we made a mistake and didn’t send it” I would feel at least relieved to know it wasn’t lost. Anyone else have to wait over a month or more for just the check to be cashed?

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