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Who else is dealing with this. Got a call from my NFA dealer that said I needed to submit another Form 4 because the ATF put the wrong control number on my stamp. For background, this is an AAC Cyclone, submitted on the same day as an OSPREY 45 that I received in April. Both checks were cashed on 6 July of 16. So, they supposedly put the wrong control numbers on about 400 forms, and now I get another call as my NFA dealer was wondering why it was taking so long, and they can’t find the new form that was sent in (remember, somebody signed for it). I am now having to sign another form 4 (Trust) to send off. Dealer says that the stamp is approved, but they have to “transfer” the $200 to the new stamp once they receive the third form 4. Any ideas? I told my dealer to send it to NFA Branch, and to a specific person who will have to sign for the mail. Thoughts? Anybody else in this boat or ever seen this kind of thing? I’m thinking this 300 BLK just isn’t meant to be finished at this point.

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