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So I’m a bit nervous/irritated. I called ATF today to see if my 2 form 4s have been entered into the system. My dealer claims they were mailed the first week of May. ATF tells me they have not and to check to see if my checks were cashed. That would let me know that they received my paperwork and it is in the pile to be entered. I sent money orders at the advice of my dealer so I had to track down serial numbers of the orders and call. Found out my checks have NOT been cashed. From what the VERY nice and helpful lady told me from the ATF is that the first step is check cashed and that normally happens right away.

So I feel like I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place and my $3,400 total spent on all the items and paperwork etc, are in limbo. My dealer tells me not to worry about it that they have done this a lot and everything is fine. But I don’t think it take mail 2 months to get from PA to VA. Any thoughts on what I should or could do? Am I overreacting?

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