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How is that? Don’t they just receive it in the mail and then call you? Last can I got, the dealer called and said the stamp arrived early that day. This shop only made me put 50% down, so maybe they jump on it since they want to collect the rest of their $$, compared to other shops that require 100% up front and couldn’t care less if you ever come get it?


I think what they are referring to is the time it takes for the stamp to go from approved status to actually being in the hands of the dealer. I think most dealers (at least the one’s I’ve dealt with and heard about) are pretty on top of things and will call their customer immediately upon receipt of the stamp.

Its the time it takes to get prepared and mailed out that leaves people scratching their head wondering why it takes so long.

EDIT: Just re read your post. Now I get your response. I guess its just one of life’s great mysteries why some dealers seem to get their stamps quickly after an approval date and others don’t get them for several days or even weeks post approval.

Maybe the dealers are holding a bunch of them in their shop and not calling customers so they can post on Face**** about how many ATF approvals they received in one day. (sorry couldn’t resist – LOL)

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