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I don’t know why you think you will be waiting much longer, let alone until after 2017. SS sent around 10,000 applications in that infamous truck and with roughly 8,000 processed applications per week, they should be though those within the next couple of weeks. If you didn’t see the latest update from ATF above, it appears there is roughly 30,000 pre 41f applications remaining. Again, at 8,000 apps per week rate they should be done through the bubble within less than a month.

Didn’t the same post above that you reference indicate that SS represents 50% of the overall market. So, for their 10k applications delivered that day, there is roughly 10k coming from sources outside SS?

As it was outlined by another poster, the timelines and volume math doesn’t really add up. Now, none of that matters if they clear the backlog quickly.

The crux of the argument is still valid around if/why SS would hold a bunch of forms in order to get a photo op of a truckload of forms for their Face**** feed.

My conversation with SS, due solely to the agitated state and unwillingness to answer a direct question, leaves me with doubts. Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t, the shitty response doesn’t sit well in either case.

Its not like my world is upside down waiting for a can. I have plenty. But a little honesty would be nice. I expect the government to lie to me, I am hopeful that SS didn’t.

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