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Just to give some people a little hope, mine was likely on that truckload as well as it went pending 7/21/2016. I just called this morning and found that it was approved 6/12/2017. I feel your pain as I was getting anxious as well, but hopefully the approvals will start flowing in for everyone else as well. Considering the time others have been reporting to receive the stamp, it will likely arrive over a year after my purchase.

Interesting. Since I am already over a year since purchase, should we assume that you got lucky and happened to be one of the first boxes off the truck? Lol. Glad to hear it was approved.

Based on your previous post, it looks like my purchase was right in the middle of your two purchases. I hope you get your approvals here in the next couple of days. I agree that it was BS that SS lumped all of those orders together in one truck and sent them all in at the same time. That means your first order was sitting for nearly a month before they sent them out and mine was sitting over over 3 weeks. Sadly, there is nothing any of us can do at this point but sit and wait. I have a few others that I will be waiting on for quite a while including the most recent one that I just purchased in May 2017.

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