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So, since my pending dates are also July 22nd, you basically just confirmed that all of us got lumped into the same group and regardless of whether you made your purchase a month before, its quite possible/likely that the guy who sent in his stuff on July 11th gets processed first and someone who made their purchase is at the back of the bus at # 10,000.

I am awaiting a response from Silencer Shop and holding out some hope. But I don’t like where this is headed and don’t have high hopes for any kind of rational response. Not happy that my stuff got held so they can have social media moment.

I’m wondering if this will even get processed in 2017. Normally I would reserve my ire for the silly laws and the government, but this was a stupid stunt.

OMG, I am going to call and give them what for even though I don’t have a dog in the fight… they delayed your 10 month wait by at least a week… ::rolling eyes::

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