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Spoke w SS today. I have been a staunch supporter of SS because I truly have felt like they cracked the code on making this easy.

On the surface it would appear my paperwork was processed normally and not held. However, actually getting the customer service person to fully admit that my paperwork wasn’t held as opposed to throwing about a bunch of standard timeframes was so difficult that I actually still have my doubts. He never would admit whether or not my paperwork was in the truckload mentioned in the facebook post. I am immediately suspicious of people that cannot/will not answer a direct question. That doesn’t mean it was handled improperly mind you, just that not answering a direct question erodes trust.

They really should stick to online only interaction because speaking with the rep on the phone was a truly shitty experience.

I’ve gone from advocate to doubter on the strength of that interaction. One more reason to hope the HPA passes.

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