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Hopefully this is useful info to everyone…scroll halfway down

New Statistics from ATF

ASA staff made several trips to Washington, D.C. in May. We had the opportunity to sit down with senior ATF staff to discuss technical details of the Hearing Protection Act and we also received updated statistics regarding Form 4 applications received and current processing times. As of May:
Processing time was 10 months
30,000 Pre-41F applications remained
NFA Branch was processing 8,000-10,000 applications per week
Total NFA form backlog was 130,000 applications

Based on these numbers, Pre-41F applications SHOULD be done in the next 3-4 weeks. There are currently 100k applications (after the 30k Pre-41F) remaining, plus what is currently being submitted.

Seems the rest of June will be used for taking care of Pre-41F, and then July will show how fast the Post-41F apps get processed.

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