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This was my first time purchasing a suppressor and sbs. Check cashed early august 2016, still waiting. This will be my last purchase if these times and procedures are what is to be expected from now on. We pay big bucks for the products and we comply with tax stamp fees and they make us wait after jump through hoops? It would be nice if the customers actually went on a “suppressor strike” or whatever you want to call it. Or did not order or build any class 3 firearms until they meet our expectations. We are the ones funding with tax stamp fees. Also if that isn’t enough then I’m sure the nra and suppressor manufacturers (who will also see major sales declines) have enough money and power to light a fire under there ass to make a change. Now some savy person that understands social media..(I personally never cared to learn) please feel free to start that hashtag# @ twitter thing. #suppressor strike
@ defund till satisfied
-Thanks for listening to my perspective on the topic-

Wow. You should really think that one through a bit. So when you wave your magic #fairy_dust and stop buying NFA items and get all your followers to do the same, and somehow a #hashtag actually accomplishes something, and the government miraculously becomes efficient automated or scraps the NFA Registry, the businesses who have not sold a product during this #campaign are still going to be there so you can buy Suppressor no. 2?

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