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Brian in Portland
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The wait times on the bar chart seem to be more accurate now. The rub seems to be getting the correct page to re-load. On my phone it seems to work better than my PC and I have no explanation for that. The short version is that current wait times are unacceptable. I find it hypocritical that when the government (state, local, federal, whatever) they treat us like “we’ll get around to it if you pay now,” yet if we owe (such as taxes) it’s pay now and if not pay penalties also.” I’ve had to wait nearly a year with DMV to get a title, talk about customer service…

All that said I am at 330 days, yes, 11 months waiting for a form 4. I got in with what I’ll call the “rush batch” before the new rules. I have 2 more form 4’s pending at 90 or so days. I’m curious what things will look like going forward with the post-rush-batch processing times.

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