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I don’t blame you one bit. But here is one for you….two gemtech trackers on a trust The trust is bullet-proof as I have had 4 prior stamps approved on it.
the first one had transit times of 6 days till check cash from mailing and approval on a Friday received the following Friday. less than 2 weeks of “admin time”

The second one mail exactly 6 days later……check not cashed for 3 weeks from approval to receipt 23 days (6 weeks of admin time) to make matters worse the examiner drug her feet and did not approve it for 302 days while all others of that time frame were being approved at 240-260 days.

So not only did she take her sweet-ass time, so did the admin on the front and the back adding about 2.5 months to the time.

As I have said before….why the variation? HUMANS!

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