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I agree that is what “could” have happened. And why I gave him the benefit of the doubt the whole time.
But the fact is my dealer signed and dated my form 4 on 7/5/16.(it’s right there in block 12)
(32 days after cash purchase).
Usps & ATF handled their end in 7 days. Check cashed/pending 7/12.

The Tracker shows an average of 11 days from approval, and the forums seem to corroborate.

He did’t retain the envelope so I couldn’t check postmark. So maybe I have to give him a slide there.

But the fact that mine took 33 days and “arrived” the day after I pestered him does not inspire confidence.

Not naming names or trying to smear anyone. But I truly think the folks at NFA branch are doing the best they can and some dealers may blame them or the “process” for their own inefficiencies.

Of course everyones mileage will vary. I harbor no resentment, it all worked out in the end. I simply will go somewhere else for future Title 2 purchases.

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