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I feel your pain, over 8.5 months since my checks were cashed…and like @Gddean mentioned below, as we get more input data for the check cashed dates in the June 12-20, 2016 dates, I’m pretty comfy in presuming that the rest of this month will likely be dealing with the first 18 or 20 days of June…so if we’re lucky they might finish June 2016 by the first of May 2017.

Got to love buying the damn things 13 months ago (1 was in stock but form 3’d to my SOT from the mid-west, 2 others were coming from manufacturer/distributers and were not “in stock” items), hence the delay until mid-June for the Form 4’s. Life is full of “should have’s,” and even with this being an ideal example, I’m just glad I’m more than 75% through, but I’ll hold off for a while (or HPA passing) before pushing through anymore Forms to them.

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