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That’s bullshit AJ, “still waiting” or “bitching about the process” posts as you call them are helpful as well. If you know anything about the ATF processing or even read any of this thread you would know they don’t always approve form 1’s in the exact order of the control number. There is sometimes an entire batch of control numbers get skipped and none of us would even know that unless people posted “still waiting” or “bitching about the process” posts. So hell, if “still waiting” post are not needed, then neither are “approved” because honestly, neither one will tell you how much closer your form 1 is being processed.

As far as useless post running up the post total, what about this one you posted….

“I submitted a form 1 on 6/27. The next day on 6/28, I got anxious about 41F and filed another one. It was about 18 hours later, and there were about 3800 forms filed in between. So I think about 4000-4500/day is a reasonable ballpark estimate of the load filed in the final days.”

That one didn’t seem to add any value to the thread either. lol

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