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I don’t believe there is any real science to this waiting game the ATF makes us play, but by reading through all the posts you may be able to pick up on a few trends. On March 14th it will be nine months since I purchased my first two suppressors in Iowa on a trust. Being a newbie to the this buy and wait game, I have noticed the following. The data here is only as good as the suppliers, heck some of the information supplied by the ATF agents calls is not even that good. The bottom line is we have no way of knowing how many forms were submitted. All we can do is watch check cashed dates and approved dates. I was told six months back in June, that date has come and gone. I don’t believe there is a real reliable answer to your question because of all the unknowns. But the next two weeks we will get a good idea if the summited forms are ramping up. The approval gap between June 13th and June 20th may give us some indications of how big this bubble really is. For now Brad, welcome to the group and enjoy the wait!

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