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To be clear I wasn’t saying the system isn’t broken, inefficient and outdated. I agree it is and I am in support of repealing the NFA because it just places a burden on law abiding citizens without reducing criminal activity. My whole point was nobody here seems to have an in depth understanding of how the ATF processes the Form 1s. We are all just making assumptions based on very limited data. I agree that even with a small reporting range there is trends that can be identified. But there is so much margin for error in those numbers that I think it is silly to jump to the conclusion that they are skipping or delaying certain dates because there have been 2 or 3 approvals noted that were submitted later. It does seem like they are assigned to examiners in batches (who knows how many at a time or how) and it is likely whoever was assigned the 6/24 submissions has some back log based on the approvals we are seeing. But our approvals should come very soon.

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