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I understand the call for optimism cbcmoto. but even with a small reporting range on this forum the numbers don’t lie. the small cross section of number we get reported are chalked full of info if you distill it down. i have yet to see a single 6/24/16 control range based off reports on this forum of 302xxx(high end) through 305xxx(very low end) get approved. roughly now this is just estimate of 2500 form 1’s for 6/24/16 and the c#’s for this day vary as reported on this forum roughly from the 3032xx range, 3039xx(mine), and a couple in the 304xxx range. out of our wide cross section you figured at least one or two of these guys would have been approved if thousands of 6/24 range have been worked . but alas no approvals . it would hard for me to believe that all the 6/24’s have been approved but the guys reporting here. the reality is in my eyes is that the ball just stopped rolling for us in this range or is just moving very very slow. when your seeing approvals for submission 2-4 days ahead of yours and thousands of c#’s ahead of yours after a many months wait it get extremely frustrating. too me the system is broken, inefficient, and unconstitutional. i will say again we all need to get behind this repeal the nfa movement and free up our atf personal to work on criminals and not register the law abiding. i appreciate your work and optimism but the struggle is real lol.

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