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I am just as anxious for an approval as anyone else. I have 2 Form 1 SBRs pending that were e-filed as a trust and submitted on 6/24. But it is pretty ridiculous to be freaking out and thinking we were skipped based on the info in this thread. There is record here of a e-file on 5/19 with a control number 241,6XX. The latest approval was filed 6/29 and has a control number 311,1xx. From info elsewhere in this site it seems control numbers are sequential so it is likely 69,500 applications were submitted between 5/19 & 6/29. How many approvals are listed in this thread from that range? Probably less than 50 but let’s be optimistic and call it 100. That is less than .1% of the forms that are in the approval range during the time frame of this thread which clearly shows that we are basing our assumptions on a miniscule sample. From info on this site it also seems like there is around 20 examiners and that applications are assigned in batches to them. So that puts even more potential for error in the calculations/assumptions. The only accurate assumption we can make is that 6/24 submissions could be approved any day now (and it has been that way for 2 weeks). They may not have processed any 6/24 submissions yet, or they could have approved a couple thousand from 6/24 that weren’t reported here. It is obvious from the tracking graphs that the wait times started spiking drastically with submission in May & June due to 41F so hopefully the approvals will be sooner than later.

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