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chorizo, chorizo…that was funny. We all wonder if your comments aren’t just a bit superfluous.

Well…folks, it appears that we have a fact-checking “Troll” among us, or a restricted fallibilist?

Nonetheless, appreciate the laugh, chorizo! I usually mesquite-smoke a Turkey at Christmas injected with garlic, maple and honey (tasty by the way.) Perhaps you might be more happily situated in posting jokes in a different forum. But hey, I empathize with you…as facts can generally be overwhelming to a pessimist causing one to illustrate unnecessary judgement.

More importantly, and genuinely speaking – for the record, I have no reason to falsify the details of my postings, or any details relative to my NFA experience in Texas, or my friendship with an employee for that matter. Like others in the NFA community, I simply post factual dates and information from my personal experience that are likely to be beneficial to others as they await patiently for their NFA approval. And yes, I do have the privilege of having a close friend in the BATFE. Fact.

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