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My Form-1 on 6/10 had a control number of 275XXX, my Form-1 on 6/28 had a control number of 309XXX. That is 34,000 in 18 days. The post above shows control numbers of 318XXX on 7/2, which is another 9000 in 4 days.

This leads us to estimate that, in late June, they were getting nearly 2000 submissions per day. We also know that was accelerating into July. Recent trends suggest that they process just over 800 per day currently. At these rates, it should take 2-3 days to get though each day’s submissions. As they progress closer to ATF-41H that will likely go up to 3-5 processing days, per submission day.

Based on today’s approvals hovering at 6/21-6/23, I’m estimating approval for my Form-1 submitted on 6/28 to happen around the 15th-17th of March.

I would estimate they’ll be starting July’s submissions around the 27th of March, maybe a little sooner.

If I had to venture a wild guess on future processing, based on the trends we’ve seen so far; I would guess that it will take nearly all of April to get through the first week of July’s submissions and most of May to get through the 2nd week of July. After that, the majority of the ATF-41H backlog will be cleared, and it should accelerate.

This is just my 2 cents, take it for what it’s worth. I hope it’s helpful.

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