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Spy C. Weiner
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That info helps. In regards to them updating the pending status of your form; well, as I’ve seen how evidently swamped they are, it very well could be that they are putting the upkeep of records on the backburner.

Now, I know as an outsider that doesn’t know the 101, this doesn’t sound that likely to me. If I were you I would cause a bigger stink if you think it may be necessary. Cause yah, 4 months of no record, doesn’t fly.

Furthermore I can recommend you contact your card company and dispute this charge if the ATF is not willing to dig deeper into this for you.

There are several variables I would consider before making choices here.

If you in fact do have your info and may just didn’t update their system; requesting a stop pay for that charge could cause them to actually search for it. If they were to find it, they may very well take it from its place within the line of forms that need to be examined. If they do that, maybe they mail it back to you and will probably will have to go through the process of getting it to them again.

In short, if you feel like you can sit on this and wait it out, then do it. Otherwise, in my mind, creating a dispute could cause you to lose what place you hold IF they actually do have it and just didn’t input info.

Alternatively, if you had it overnighted then I would use the tracking information from that to contact the service you used to overnight it to them and see about getting additional information.

Weigh everything here: in no way am I recommending you cancel the process but just want you to be aware of what you can do.

Hope this helps you out.

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