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Spy C. Weiner
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Alright I have some news for everyone.

Called this morning. I ASKED if the phone representatives are also examiners; Stephanie which has always answered my calls informed me that NO, someone taking your information over the phone to check the status of your form is not also an examiner.

This also means that it does not hinder the process in which they approve and examine forms. For all getting upset that people call; I’m happy to inform you that your efforts of assumption have been disproven.

Furthermore. The last 3 times I’ve called which have been spaced out 1 time a month,(usually in the middle), I have received a different answer each time. Not sure if this was because they didn’t foresee the volume of filings or not. BUT;

Call 1: it was received and pending and it would be 8 months, etc..

Call 2: (in January-17) she relayed that it was being worked on and should be by March when I receive.

Call 3: (February 21) she told me this time that it was more like 10 months and that they were still approving from May. (I understand they may still be approving may, but it seems like it’s turning into more of a statement so they being non-obligated)

I beg that if there are more forms being approved; that you post them in the tracking graph as well as relay them here if you can. Especially individual form 4’s.

Thanks for your time.

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