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Hi Etan,

Unfortunately, the next time you want to purchase/build a suppressor or SBR/SBR/AOW under 41F, you will have to submit mugshots & fingerprints for *every* trust responsible person (RP) under your trust. This step will have to be repeated for **every subsequent purchase/build**. Additionally, the purchaser may have to notify their local Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO- normally the county sheriff) via email. If you are purchasing a suppressor, the FFL should send this notification for you.

Under 41F, a copy of the trust has to be sent to ATF every time a RP is added during a purchase/build or a purchase/build occurs 2 years after the first time the trust was submitted, whichever occurs first.

To make the process easier, check to see if any of your local gun stores have a SilencerShop kiosk. One of the major gripes with 41F is the ATF website doesn’t accept electronic mugshots/fingerprints. Silencershop kiosks fix this problem in addition to the CLEO notification.

Alternately, your local police stations can work with you to produce ATF-acceptible fingerprint cards (this link is illustrative: . Check to see if they offer a ‘free day’ (normally the police charge for this service if it’s not for a job application). You can get passport photos at the Silencershop kiosks or any drugstore.

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