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Another update on my two cans, purchased from two different dealers, two months apart with a check cash date exactly the same.
I spoke to my dealer that has the 2 month lag in cashing the check. He put a tracer on the check but his wife has to look into all the checks and find mine. He also told me the purchase date was April 27th with a submission date of May 12th. He had to do a form three even though he had the can in stock.
I spoke to the ATF today and had them dig deeper into it. The guy said he could only answer questions about the form 4 when I asked if the a form 3 was submitted and disposed. When I gave him the submission date he told me that is not when it arrived at the ATF. He said he could not give me the date though, odd. I did ask if it was submitted prior to the July rule change and he confirmed it was.

My conclusion is the dealer did not submit when he stated for what ever reason. He is just giving me run around answers to keep me busy. I am going to his shop this week to talk to him in person. This sucks because I have dealt with him on other purchases and he is on the ball. I wish he would admit he did wrong if he did. Looks like I have to wait even longer to get my first can. With a July 25th pending date I am probably looking at May before getting my can.
I won’t be buying from him again…

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