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Control Number 20162879xx
Submitted June 14, 2016
Card Charged June 16, 2016
Approved Feb. 7, 2017 4:53 AM
238 days
PDF of application attached to email with green stamp overlay in top right corner.
I was beginning to worry that my out of sequence control # was a harbinger of something gone wrong.
Those guys must work at night! Dated 2/7/2017, emailed 5:53AM EST!!

So what do I do? Print copies to carry in gun bag. Maybe a reduced copy to carry in the grip or stock? The entire application or just 1st page with stamp?
Looks like the signature of ATF Official is Alton Hiton – Hard to read well.

Now waiting on a Form 4 trust paper June 2.

Now I can go collect the parts scattered around at office.

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