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Do you guys notice a trend for wait time…. by the time the late June/early July bulge hits…. the wait time will be nearly 10 months from submission to approval based on current approval rates. (note… for approval month… used a 30 day period as I didn’t want to be messing with 30/31… etc), but you get the idea!

Sbmitted Date Approved Permit # TtlWait MO TtlWait DAY
19-May 18-Nov 240xxx 6 months 1
20-May 30-Nov 247xxx 6 months 10
25-May 5-Dec 250xxx 6 months 10
25-May 6-Dec 252xxx 6 months 11
26-May 9-Dec 254xxx 6 months 13
30-May 12-Dec 255xxx 6 months 13
31-May 19-Dec 257xxx 6 months 19
2-Jun 23-Dec 262xxx 6 months 21
5-Jun 5-Jan 264xxx 7 months 0
6-Jun 6-Jan 266xxx 7 months 0
8-Jun 10-Jan 270xxx 7 months 2
9-Jun 12-Jan 272xxx 7 months 3
9-Jun 18-Jan 273xxx 7 months 9
16-Jun 2-Feb 287xxx 7 months 16
17-Jun 6-Feb 288xxx 7 months 19

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